System Administration Guide: IP Services

IKE Administration Command

You can use the ikeadm command to do the following:

For examples and a full description of this command's options, see the ikeadm(1M) man page.

The privilege level of the running IKE daemon determines which aspects of the IKE daemon can be viewed and modified. Three levels of privilege are possible.

base level

You cannot view or modify keying material. The base level is the default level of privilege.

modkeys level

You can remove, change, and add preshared keys.

keymat level

You can view the actual keying material with the ikeadm command.

For a temporary privilege change, you can use the ikeadm command. For a permanent change, change the admin_privilege property of the ike service. For the procedure, see How to Manage IKE and IPsec Services.

The security considerations for the ikeadm command are similar to the considerations for the ipseckey command. For details, see Security Considerations for ipseckey.