System Administration Guide: IP Services

/etc/inet/ike/publickeys Directory

The /etc/inet/ike/publickeys directory contains the public part of a public-private key pair and its certificate in files, or slots. The directory is protected at 0755. The ikecert certdb command populates the directory. The -T option stores the keys on the Sun Crypto Accelerator 6000 or Sun Crypto Accelerator 4000 board rather than in the publickeys directory.

The slots contain, in encoded form, the X.509 distinguished name of a certificate that was generated on another system. If you are using self-signed certificates, you use the certificate that you receive from the administrator of the remote system as input to the command. If you are using certificates from a CA, you install two signed certificates from the CA into this database. You install a certificate that is based on the certificate signing request that you sent to the CA. You also install a certificate of the CA.