System Administration Guide: IP Services

ProcedureHow to Prepare a Network for IPQoS

The following procedure lists general planning tasks to do before you create the QoS policy.

  1. Review your network topology. Then, plan a strategy that uses IPQoS systems and Diffserv routers.

    For topology examples, see Planning the Diffserv Network Topology.

  2. Identify the hosts in the topology that require IPQoS or that might become good candidates for IPQoS service.

  3. Determine which IPQoS-enabled systems could use the same QoS policy.

    For example, if you plan to enable IPQoS on all hosts on the network, identify any hosts that could use the same QoS policy. Each IPQoS-enabled system must have a local QoS policy, which is implemented in its IPQoS configuration file. However, you can create one IPQoS configuration file to be used by a range of systems. You can then copy the configuration file to every system with the same QoS policy requirements.

  4. Review and perform any planning tasks that are required by the Diffserv router on your network.

    Refer to the router documentation and the router manufacturer's web site for details.