System Administration Guide: IP Services

DS Codepoint

The DS codepoint (DSCP) defines in the packet header the action that any Diffserv-aware system should take on a marked packet. The diffserv architecture defines a set of DS codepoints for the IPQoS-enabled system and diffserv router to use. The Diffserv architecture also defines a set of actions that are called forwarding behaviors, which correspond to the DSCPs. The IPQoS-enabled system marks the precedence bits of the DS field in the packet header with the DSCP. When a router receives a packet with a DSCP value, the router applies the forwarding behavior that is associated with that DSCP. The packet is then released onto the network.

Note –

The dlcosmk marker does not use the DSCP. Rather, dlcosmk marks Ethernet frame headers with a CoS value. If you plan to configure IPQoS on a network that uses VLAN devices, refer to Marker Module.