System Administration Guide: IP Services

action Statement

You use action statements to invoke the various IPQoS modules that are described in IPQoS Architecture and the Diffserv Model.

When you create the IPQoS configuration file, you must always begin with the version number. Then, you must add the following action statement to invoke the classifier:

fmt_version 1.0

action {
    module ipgpc
    name ipgpc.classify

Follow the classifier action statement with a params clause or a class clause.

Use the following syntax for all other action statements:

action {
name action-name
module module-name
params-clause | ""
name action_name

Assigns a name to the action.

module module_name

Identifies the IPQoS module to be invoked, which must be one of the modules in Table 37–5.


Can be parameters for the classifier to process, such as global statistics or the next action to process.


A set of zero or more class clauses or filter clauses