System Administration Guide: Network Services

Structure of the Dialer-Token-Pairs Field in the /etc/uucp/Devices File

The DTP field can be structured four different ways, depending on the device that is associated with the entry.

See the first way that the DTP field can be structured:

Directly connected modem – If a modem is connected directly to a port on your computer, the DTP field of the associated Devices file entry has only one pair. This pair would normally be the name of the modem. This name is used to match the particular Devices file entry with an entry in the Dialers file. Therefore, the Dialer field must match the first field of a Dialers file entry.

Example 26–7 Dialers Field for Directly Connect Modem

Dialers   hayes =,-,  ""          \\dA\pTE1V1X1Q0S2=255S12=255\r\c 
                                  \EATDT\T\r\c CONNECT

Notice that only the dialer portion (hayes) is present in the DTP field of the Devices file entry. This means that the token to be passed on to the dialer (in this instance, the phone number) is taken from the Phone field of a Systems file entry. (\T is implied, as described in Example 26–9.)

See the second and third ways that the DTP field can be structured:

Example 26–8 UUCP Dialers Field for Computers on Same Port Selector

Dialers    develcon ,""   ""            \pr\ps\c est:\007 \E\D\e \007

As shown, the token portion is left blank. This designation indicates that it is retrieved from the Systems file. The Systems file entry for this computer contains the token in the Phone field, which is normally reserved for the phone number of the computer. Refer to UUCP /etc/uucp/Systems File for details. This type of DTP contains an escape character (\D), which ensures that the content of the Phone field is not interpreted as a valid entry in the Dialcodes file.

See the fourth way that the DTP field can be structured:

Modems that are connected to port selector – If a high-speed modem is connected to a port selector, your computer must first access the port selector switch. The switch makes the connection to the modem. This type of entry requires two dialer-token-pairs. The dialer portion of each pair (the fifth and seventh fields of the entry) is used to match entries in the Dialers file, as follows.

Example 26–9 UUCP Dialers Field for Modems Connected to Port Selector

develcon ""     ""    \pr\ps\c  est:\007    \E\D\e      \007
ventel   =&-%   t""   \r\p\r\c  $           <K\T%\r>\c  ONLINE!

In the first pair, develcon is the dialer and vent is the token that is passed to the Develcon switch to tell it which device, such as a Ventel modem, to connect to your computer. This token is unique for each port selector, as each switch can be set up differently. After the Ventel modem has been connected, the second pair is accessed. Ventel is the dialer and the token is retrieved from the Systems file.

Two escape characters can appear in a DTP field: