System Administration Guide: Network Services

Configuring User-Specific Options

This section contains detailed information about setting up users on the dial-in server.

Configuring $HOME/.ppprc on a Dial-in Server

The $HOME/.ppprc file is intended for users who are configuring preferred PPP options. As administrator, you can also configure $HOME/.ppprc for users.

The options in $HOME/.ppprc are privileged only when the user who is invoking the file is privileged.

When a caller uses the pppd command to initiate a call, the .ppprc file is the second file that is checked by the pppd daemon.

See Setting Up Users of the Dial-in Server for instructions about setting up $HOME/.ppprc on the dial-in server.

Configuring $HOME/.ppprc on a Dial-out Machine

The $HOME/.ppprc file is not needed on the dial-out machine for Solaris PPP 4.0 to work correctly. Additionally, you do not need to have a $HOME/.ppprc on a dial-out machine, except for special circumstances. Create one or more .ppprc files if you do the following:

Because the .ppprc file is most often used when configuring a dial-in server, refer to How to Configure Users of the Dial-in Server for configuration instructions for .ppprc.