System Administration Guide: Network Services

Additional Command-Line Options in Version 8.13 of sendmail

The following table describes additional command-line options that are available in version 8.13 of sendmail. Other command-line options are described in the sendmail(1M) man page.

Table 14–16 Command-Line Options Available in Version 8.13 of sendmail



-D logfile

Sends debugging output to the indicated logfile, instead of including this information with the standard output.


Specifies the processing of quarantined jobs that have this substr, which is a substring of the quarantine reason. See the description of the -Qreason option. If ! is added, this option processes quarantined jobs that do not have this substr.


Quarantines a normal queue item with this reason. If no reason is given, the quarantined queue item is unquarantined. This option works with the -q[!]Qsubstr option. The substr is a portion (or substring) of the reason.