System Administration Guide: Network Services

Change to the Built-In Mailer From Version 8.12 of sendmail

The old [TCP] built-in mailer is not available. Use the P=[IPC] built-in mailer instead. The interprocess communications ([IPC]) built-in mailer now enables delivery to a UNIX domain socket on systems that support it. You can use this mailer with LMTP delivery agents that listen on a named socket. An example mailer might resemble the following.

Mexecmail, P=[IPC], F=lsDFMmnqSXzA5@/:|, E=\r\n, 
S=10, R=20/40, T=DNS/RFC822/X-Unix, A=FILE /var/run/lmtpd

The first mailer argument in the [IPC] mailer is now checked for a legitimate value. The following table provides possible values for the first mailer argument.

Table 14–31 Possible Values for the First Mailer Argument




Use for UNIX domain socket delivery 


Use for TCP/IP connections 


Is no longer available as a first mailer argument