System Administration Guide: Network Services

Versions of the Configuration File

Starting in the Solaris 10 release, sendmail includes a configuration option that enables you to define the version of the file. This option enables older configuration files to be used with the current version of sendmail. You can set the version level to values between 0 and 10. You can also define the vendor. Either Berkeley or Sun is a valid vendor option. If a version level is specified but no vendor is defined, Sun is used as the default vendor setting. The following table lists some of the valid options.

Table 14–6 Version Values for the Configuration File




Setting that was used for version 8.8 of sendmail.


Setting that was used for version 8.9 of sendmail. This setting was included in the Solaris 8 release.


Setting that was used for versions 8.10 and 8.11 of sendmail.


Setting that is used for version 8.12 and version 8.13 of sendmail. Version 8.12 is the default for the Solaris 9 release. Starting in the Solaris 10 release, version 8.13 is the default.

Note –

You are urged not to use V1/Sun. For more information, refer to

For task information, refer to Changing the sendmail Configuration in Chapter 13, Mail Services (Tasks).