System Administration Guide: Network Services

.forward.hostname File

You can create a .forward.hostname file to redirect mail that is sent to a specific host. For example, if a user's alias has changed from to, place a .forward.phoenix file in the home directory for sandy.

% cat .forward.phoenix
"|/usr/bin/vacation sandy"
% cat .vacation.msg
From: (via the vacation program)
Subject: my alias has changed

My alias has changed to
Please use this alias in the future.
The mail that I just received from you
has been forwarded to my new address.


In this example, mail can be forwarded to the correct place while the sender is notified of the alias change. Because the vacation program permits only one message file, you can forward only one message at a time. However, if the message is not host specific, one vacation message file can be used by .forward files for many hosts.