System Administration Guide: Network Services

Network Cache and Accelerator (Overview)

The Solaris Network Cache and Accelerator (NCA) increases web server performance by maintaining an in-kernel cache of web pages that are accessed during HTTP requests. This in-kernel cache uses system memory to significantly increase performance for HTTP requests that are normally handled by web servers. Using system memory to hold web pages for HTTP requests increases web server performance by reducing the overhead between the kernel and the web server. NCA provides a sockets interface through which any web server can communicate with NCA with minimal modifications.

In situations where the requested page is retrieved from the in-kernel cache (cache hit), performance improves dramatically. In situations where the requested page is not in the cache (cache miss) and must be retrieved from the web server, performance is also significantly improved.

This product is intended to be run on a dedicated web server. If you run other large processes on a server that runs NCA, problems can result.

NCA provides logging support in that NCA logs all cache hits. This log is stored in binary format to increase performance. The ncab2clf command can be used to convert the log from binary format to common log format (CLF).

The Solaris release includes the following enhancements: