System Administration Guide: Network Services

How to Send Packets to Hosts on the Network

Test the reliability of your packet sizes with the spray command.

$ spray [ -c count -d interval -l packet-size] hostname
-i count

Number of packets to send.

-d interval

Number of microseconds to pause between sending packets. If you do not use a delay, you might deplete the buffers.

-l packet-size

Is the packet size.


Is the system to send packets.

For more information about this command, see spray(1M).

Example 30–2 Sending Packets to Hosts on the Network

The following example sends 100 packets to a host (-c 100), with a packet size of 2048 bytes (-l 2048). The packets are sent with a delay time of 20 microseconds between each burst (-d 20).

$ spray -c 100 -d 20 -l 2048 pluto
sending 100 packets of length 2048 to pluto ...
no packets dropped by pluto
279 packets/sec, 573043 bytes/sec