System Administration Guide: Network Services

Tasks for Configuring the Dial-in Server (Task Map)

Table 17–3 Task Map for Setting Up the Dial-in Server



For Instructions 

1. Gather preconfiguration information 

Gather data that is needed prior to setting up the link, such as peer host names, target phone numbers, and modem speed. 

Planning a Dial-up PPP Link

2. Configure the modem and serial port 

Set up the modem and serial port. 

How to Configure the Modem and Serial Port (Dial-in Server)

3. Configure calling peer information 

Set up the user environments and PPP options for every dial-out machine that is permitted to call the dial-in server. 

How to Configure Users of the Dial-in Server

4. Configure the serial-line communication 

Configure the characteristics of the transmission across the serial line. 

How to Define Communications Over the Serial Line (Dial-in Server)