System Administration Guide: Network Services

PPPoE Consumers

As system administrator, you might assist consumers with their PPPoE configurations. One common type of PPPoE consumer is an individual who needs to run PPPoE over a DSL line. Another PPPoE consumer is a company that purchases a DSL line through which employees can run PPPoE tunnels, as illustrated in the previous figure.

The main reason for a corporate consumer to use PPPoE is to offer PPP communications through a high-speed DSL device to a number of hosts. Often, a single PPPoE client has an individual DSL modem. Or, a group of clients on a hub might share a DSL modem that is also connected to the hub by an Ethernet line.

Note –

DSL devices are technically bridges, not modems. However, because common practice is to refer to these devices as modems, this guide uses the term “DSL modem.”

PPPoE runs PPP over a tunnel on the Ethernet line that is connected to the DSL modem. That line is connected to a splitter, which, in turn connects to a telephone line.