System Administration Guide: Network Services

Common PPP Configuration Problems

The following table describes symptoms that are related to log output from the procedure, How to Diagnose Problems With the PPP Configuration.

Table 21–4 Common PPP Configuration Problems




pppd debug output contains the error message, Could not determine remote IP address.

The /etc/ppp/peers/peer-name file does not have an IP address for the peer. The peer does not provide an IP address during link negotiation.

Supply an IP address for the peer on the pppd command line or in /etc/ppp/peers/peer-name by using the following format:


pppd debug output shows that CCP data compression has failed. The output also indictes that the link is dropped.

The peers' PPP compression configurations might be in conflict.  

Disable CCP compression by adding the noccp option to /etc/ppp/options on one of the peers.