System Administration Guide: Network Services

Before You Set Up PPP Authentication

Setting up authentication at your site should be an integral part of your overall PPP strategy. Before implementing authentication, you should assemble the hardware, configure the software, and test the link.

Table 16–5 Prerequisites Before Configuring Authentication


For Instructions 

Tasks for configuring a dial-up link 

Chapter 17, Setting Up a Dial-up PPP Link (Tasks).

Tasks for testing the link 

Chapter 21, Fixing Common PPP Problems (Tasks).

Security requirements for your site 

Your corporate security policy. If you do not have a policy, setting up PPP authentication gives you an opportunity to create a security policy. 

Suggestions about whether to use PAP or CHAP at your site 

Why Use PPP Authentication?. For more detailed information about these protocols, refer to Authenticating Callers on a Link.