System Administration Guide: Network Services

Example of a Configuration for a Leased-Line Link

The tasks in Chapter 18, Setting Up a Leased-Line PPP Link (Tasks) show how to implement the goal of a medium-sized organization (LocalCorp) to provide Internet access for its employees. Currently, the employees' computers are connected on a private corporate intranet.

LocalCorp requires speedy transactions and access to the many resources on the Internet. The organization signs a contract with Far ISP, a service provider, which allows LocalCorp to set up its own leased line to Far ISP. Then, LocalCorp leases a T1 line from Phone East, a telephone company. Phone East puts in the leased line between LocalCorp and Far ISP. Then, Phone East provides a CSU/DSU that is already configured to LocalCorp.

The tasks set up a leased-line link with the following characteristics.

Figure 16–2 Example of a Leased-Line Configuration

Figure shows
an example of a link to be used in
leased-line tasks. The following context
describes the sample link.

In the figure, a router is set up for PPP at LocalCorp. The router connects to the corporate Intranet through its hme0 interface. The second connection is through the machine's HSI/P interface (hihp1) to the CSU/DSU digital unit. The CSU/DSU then connects to the installed leased line. The administrator at LocalCorp configures the HSI/P interface and PPP files. The administrator then types /etc/init.d/pppd to initiate the link between LocalCorp and Far ISP.