System Administration Guide: Network Services

Using the login Option With /etc/ppp/pap-secrets

You can add the login option for authenticating PAP credentials to any PPP configuration file. When login is specified, for example, in /etc/ppp/options, pppd verifies that the caller's PAP credentials exist in the Solaris password database. The following shows the format of a /etc/ppp/pap-secrets file with the login option.

joe    *  ""  *
sally  *  ""  *
sue    *  ""  *

The parameters have the following meanings.


joe, sally, and sue are the names of the authorized callers.


Asterisk (*), which indicates that any server name is valid. The name option is not required in the PPP configuration files.


Double quotes, which indicate that any password is valid.

If a password is in this column, then the password from the peer must match both the PAP password and the UNIX passwd database.

IP Addresses

Asterisk (*), which indicates that any IP address is allowed.