System Administration Guide: Network Services

How to Find Who Is Logged In to a Remote System

Find who is logged in to a remote system by using the rusers(1) command.

$ rusers [-l] remote-system-name

(No options) Displays the name of the system, followed by the name of users who are currently logged in to it, including root


Displays additional information about each user: the user's login window, login time and date, amount of time logged in, and the name of the remote system from which the user logged on

Example 29–2 Finding Who Is Logged In to a Remote System

The following example shows the short output of rusers.

$ rusers pluto
pluto    smith  jones

In the following example, the long version of rusers shows that two users are logged in to the remote system starbug. The first user logged in from the system console on September 10 and has been logged on for 137 hours and 15 minutes. The second user logged in from a remote system, mars, on September 14.

$rusers -l starbug
root         starbug:console           Sep 10 16:13  137:15
rimmer       starbug:pts/0             Sep 14 14:37         (mars)