System Administration Guide: Network Services

ProcedureHow to Open an ftp Connection to a Remote System

  1. Ensure that you have ftp authentication.

    You must have ftp authentication, as described in Authentication for Remote Logins (ftp).

  2. Open a connection to a remote system by using the ftp command.

    $ ftp remote-system

    If the connection succeeds, a confirmation message and prompt are displayed.

  3. Type your user name.

    Name (remote-system:user-name): user-name
  4. If prompted, type your password.

    331 Password required for user-name:
    Password: password

    If the system you are accessing has an established anonymous ftp account, you are prompted for an email address for the password. If the ftp interface accepts your password, it displays a confirmation message and the (ftp>) prompt.

    You can now use any of the commands that are supplied by the ftp interface, including help. The principal commands are summarized in Table 29–3.

Example 29–5 Opening an ftp Connection to a Remote System

This ftp session was established by the user smith on the remote system pluto:

$ ftp pluto
Connected to pluto.
220 pluto FTP server ready.
Name (pluto:smith): smith
331 Password required for smith:
Password: password
230 User smith logged in.