System Administration Guide: Network Services

ProcedureHow to Apply Autofs Security Restrictions

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

    Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands. For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Create the following entry in the name service auto_master file, either NIS or NIS+:

    /home     auto_home     -nosuid

    The nosuid option prevents users from creating files with the setuid or setgid bit set.

    This entry overrides the entry for /home in a generic local /etc/auto_master file. See the previous example. The override happens because the +auto_master reference to the external name service map occurs before the /home entry in the file. If the entries in the auto_home map include mount options, the nosuid option is overwritten. Therefore, either no options should be used in the auto_home map or the nosuid option must be included with each entry.

    Note –

    Do not mount the home directory disk partitions on or under /home on the server.