System Administration Guide: Network Services

Disabling Autofs Browsability

Starting with the Solaris 2.6 release, the default version of /etc/auto_master that is installed has the -nobrowse option added to the entries for /home and /net. In addition, the upgrade procedure adds the -nobrowse option to the /home and /net entries in /etc/auto_master if these entries have not been modified. However, you might have to make these changes manually or to turn off browsability for site-specific autofs mount points after the installation.

You can turn off the browsability feature in several ways. Disable the feature by using a command-line option to the automountd daemon, which completely disables autofs browsability for the client. Or disable browsability for each map entry on all clients by using the autofs maps in either an NIS or NIS+ namespace. You can also disable the feature for each map entry on each client, using local autofs maps if no network-wide namespace is being used.