System Administration Guide: Network Services

rpcinfo Command

This command generates information about the RPC service that is running on a system. You can also use this command to change the RPC service. Many options are available with this command. See the rpcinfo(1M) man page. The following is a shortened synopsis for some of the options that you can use with the command.

rpcinfo [ -m | -s ] [ hostname ]

rpcinfo -T transport hostname [ progname ]

rpcinfo [ -t | -u ] [ hostname ] [ progname ]


Displays a table of statistics of the rpcbind operations


Displays a concise list of all registered RPC programs


Displays information about services that use specific transports or protocols


Probes the RPC programs that use TCP


Probes the RPC programs that use UDP


Selects the transport or protocol for the services


Selects the host name of the server that you need information from


Selects the RPC program to gather information about

If no value is given for hostname, the local host name is used. You can substitute the RPC program number for progname, but many users can remember the name and not the number. You can use the -p option in place of the -s option on those systems that do not run the NFS version 3 software.

The data that is generated by this command can include the following:

The following example gathers information about the RPC services that are running on a server. The text that is generated by the command is filtered by the sort command to make the output more readable. Several lines that list RPC services have been deleted from the example.

% rpcinfo -s bee |sort -n
   program version(s) netid(s)                         service     owner
    100000  2,3,4     udp6,tcp6,udp,tcp,ticlts,ticotsord,ticots rpcbind     superuser
    100001  4,3,2     ticlts,udp,udp6                  rstatd      superuser
    100002  3,2       ticots,ticotsord,tcp,tcp6,ticlts,udp,udp6 rusersd     superuser
    100003  3,2       tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6                nfs         superuser
    100005  3,2,1     ticots,ticotsord,tcp,tcp6,ticlts,udp,udp6 mountd      superuser
    100007  1,2,3     ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 ypbind      superuser
    100008  1         ticlts,udp,udp6                  walld       superuser
    100011  1         ticlts,udp,udp6                  rquotad     superuser
    100012  1         ticlts,udp,udp6                  sprayd      superuser
    100021  4,3,2,1   tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6                nlockmgr    superuser
    100024  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 status      superuser
    100029  3,2,1     ticots,ticotsord,ticlts          keyserv     superuser
    100068  5         tcp,udp                          cmsd        superuser
    100083  1         tcp,tcp6                         ttdbserverd superuser
    100099  3         ticotsord                        autofs      superuser
    100133  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 -           superuser
    100134  1         ticotsord                        tokenring   superuser
    100155  1         ticots,ticotsord,tcp,tcp6        smserverd   superuser
    100221  1         tcp,tcp6                         -           superuser
    100227  3,2       tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6                nfs_acl     superuser
    100229  1         tcp,tcp6                         metad       superuser
    100230  1         tcp,tcp6                         metamhd     superuser
    100231  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts          -           superuser
    100234  1         ticotsord                        gssd        superuser
    100235  1         tcp,tcp6                         -           superuser
    100242  1         tcp,tcp6                         metamedd    superuser
    100249  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 -           superuser
    300326  4         tcp,tcp6                         -           superuser
    300598  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 -           superuser
    390113  1         tcp                              -           unknown
 805306368  1         ticots,ticotsord,ticlts,tcp,udp,tcp6,udp6 -           superuser
1289637086  1,5       tcp                              -           26069

The following two examples show how to gather information about a particular RPC service by selecting a particular transport on a server. The first example checks the mountd service that is running over TCP. The second example checks the NFS service that is running over UDP.

% rpcinfo -t bee mountd
program 100005 version 1 ready and waiting
program 100005 version 2 ready and waiting
program 100005 version 3 ready and waiting
% rpcinfo -u bee nfs
program 100003 version 2 ready and waiting
program 100003 version 3 ready and waiting