System Administration Guide: Network Services

ProcedureHow to Limit UAs and SAs to Statically Configured DAs

Use the following procedure to change the net.slp.passiveDADetection and the net.slp.DAActiveDiscoveryInterval properties.

Note –

Use this procedure only on hosts that execute UAs and SAs which are restricted to static configurations.

  1. Become superuser or assume an equivalent role.

    Roles contain authorizations and privileged commands. For more information about roles, see Configuring RBAC (Task Map) in System Administration Guide: Security Services.

  2. Stop slpd and all SLP activity on the host.

    # svcadm disable network/slp
  3. Back up the default /etc/inet/slp.conf file before you change the configuration settings.

  4. Set the net.slp.passiveDADetection property to False in the slp.conf file to disable passive discovery. This setting causes slpd to ignore unsolicited DA advertisements.

  5. Set the net.slp.DAActiveDiscoveryInterval to -1 to disable initial and periodic active discovery.

  6. Save your changes and close the file.

  7. Restart slpd to activate your changes.

    # svcadm enable network/slp