System Administration Guide: Network Services

Placing Multiple DAs for Load Balancing

You can deploy multiple DAs for the same collection of scopes as a means of load balancing. Deploy DAs in any of the following circumstances:

You can run a snoop trace of SLP traffic to determine how many UA requests return with the DA_BUSY_NOW error. If the number of UA requests returned is high, UAs in buildings physically and topologically distant from the DA can exhibit slow response or excessive timeouts. In such a scenario, you can deploy a DA in each building to improve response for UA clients within the building.

Links that connect buildings are often slower than the local area networks within the buildings. If your network spans multiple buildings or physical sites, set the net.slp.DAAddresses property in the /etc/inet/slp.conf file to a list of specific host names or addresses so that the UAs access only the DAs you specify.

If a particular DA is using large amounts of host memory for service registrations, reduce the number of SA registrations by reducing the number of scopes the DA supports. You can split into two a scope that has many registrations. You can then support one of the new scopes by deploying another DA on another host.