System Administration Guide: Network Services

Configuring Nonrouted, Multiple Network Interfaces (Task Map)

Table 9–5 Configuring Nonrouted, Multiple Network Interfaces



For Instructions 

Configure the net.slp.interfaces property

Set this property to enable slpd to listen for unicast and multicast/broadcast SLP requests on the specified interfaces.

Configuring the net.slp.interfaces Property

Arrange proxy service advertisements so that UAs on subnets get service URLs with reachable addresses 

Restrict proxy advertisement to a machine that is running slpd connected to a single subnet rather than a multihomed host.

Proxy Advertising on Multihomed Hosts

Place the DAs and configure scopes to assure reachability between UAs and SAs 

Configure the net.slp.interfaces property on multihomed hosts with a single interface host name or address.

Run a DA on a multihomed host, but configure scopes so that SAs and UAs on each subnet use different hosts. 

DA Placement and Scope Name Assignment