System Administration Guide: Network Services

retry Portion of Time Field

The retry subfield enables you to specify the minimum time (in minutes) before a retry, following a failed attempt. The default wait is 60 minutes. The subfield separator is a semicolon (;). For example, Any;9 is interpreted as call any time, but wait at least 9 minutes before retrying after a failure occurs.

If you do not specify a retry entry, an exponential back-off algorithm is used. This means that UUCP starts with a default wait time that grows larger as the number of failed attempts increases. For example, suppose the initial retry time is 5 minutes. If no response occurs, the next retry is 10 minutes later. The next retry is 20 minutes later, and so on until the maximum retry time of 23 hours is reached. If retry is specified, the value specified is always the retry time. Otherwise, the back-off algorithm is used.