System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

Starting and Stopping NIS From the Command Line

Use the Service Management Facility svcadm commands or the ypstart/ypstop commands to start and stop NIS from the command line. When using svcadm, the instance name is needed only if you are running more than one instance of the service. For more information, see NIS and the Service Management Facility, or see the svcadm(1M), ypstart(1M), and ypstop(1M) man pages.

To begin NIS service from the command line, run the svcadm enable command or the ypstart command.

# svcadm enable network/nis/server:<instance>
# svcadm enable network/nis/client:<instance>
# ypstart

Note –

Because there is a slight delay before ypserv is ready to respond to calls after startup, you should issue a three to five second sleep after svcadm when calling it from inside a program or script.

To stop NIS service, run the svcadm disable command or the ypstop.

# svcadm disable network/nis/server:<instance>
# svcadm disable network/nis/client:<instance>
# ypstop

To stop and immediately restart an NIS service, use the svcadm restart command.

# svcadm restart network/nis/server:<instance>
# svcadm restart network/nis/client:<instance>