System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

Preparing the Makefile

After checking the source files and copying them into the source file directory, you now need to convert those source files into the ndbm format maps that the NIS service uses. This is done automatically for you by ypinit when called on the master server, as explained in Setting Up the Master Server With ypinit.

The ypinit script calls the program make, which uses the Makefile located in the /var/yp directory. A default Makefile is provided for you in the /var/yp directory and contains the commands needed to transform the source files into the desired ndbm format maps.

You can use the default Makefile as it is, or modify it if you want. (If you do modify the default Makefile, be sure to first copy and store the original default Makefile in case you need it for future use.) You might need to make one or more of the following modifications to the Makefile:

The function of the Makefile is to create the appropriate NIS maps for each of the databases listed under all. After passing through makedbm the data is collected in two files, mapname.dir and mapname.pag. Both files are in the /var/yp/domainname directory on the master server.

The Makefile builds passwd maps from the /PWDIR/passwd, /PWDIR/shadow, and /PWDIR/security/passwd.adjunct files, as appropriate.