System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

Description of the LDAP Naming Services

The Solaris Operating System supports LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in conjunction with the Sun Java System Directory Server (formerly Sun ONE Directory Server), as well as other LDAP directory servers.

For information about LDAP naming services, see Chapter 8, Introduction to LDAP Naming Services (Overview/Reference) .

For information about transitioning from NIS to LDAP or NIS+ to LDAP, see Chapter 15, Transitioning From NIS to LDAP (Overview/Tasks) or Chapter 16, Transitioning From NIS+ to LDAP.

For information on single sign-on, as well as the setup and maintenance of Kerberos authentication services, see Part VI, Kerberos Service, in System Administration Guide: Security Services.