System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

PAM and Changing Passwords

Use the passwd command to change a password. If the enableShadowUpdate switch is not set to true, the userPassword attribute must be writable by the user. If the enableShadowUpdate switch is set to true, the admin credentials must be able to update the userPassword attribute. Remember that the serviceAuthenticationMethod for passwd-cmd overrides the authenticationMethod for this operation. Depending on the authentication method that is used, the current password might be unencrypted on the wire.

In the case of pam_unix, the new userPassword attribute is encrypted using UNIX crypt format and tagged before being written to LDAP. Therefore, the new password is encrypted on the wire, regardless of the authentication method used to bind to the server. See the pam_authtok_store(5) man page for more information.

If the enableShadowUpdate switch is set to true, pam_unix also updates the related shadow information when the user password is changed. pam_unix updates the same shadow fields in the local shadow files that pam_unix updates when the local user password is changed.

As of the Solaris 10 software release, pam_ldap no longer supports password update. The previously recommended use of pam_authtok_store with the server_policy option now replaces the pam_ldap password update capability. When you use pam_authtok_store, the new password is sent to the LDAP server in the clear. Therefore, to ensure privacy, use TLS. If TLS is not used, the new userPassword is subject to snooping. If you set an untagged password with Sun Java System Directory Server, the software encrypts the password by using the passwordStorageScheme attribute. For more information about the passwordStorageScheme, see the section on user account management in the Administration Guide for the version of Sun Java System Directory Server that you are using.

Note –

You need to consider the following configuration issues when setting the passwordStorageScheme attribute. If an NIS, NIS+, or another client using pam_unix is using LDAP as a repository, then passwordStorageScheme needs to be crypt. Also, if using pam_ldap with sasl/digest-MD5 with Sun Java System Directory Server, passwordStorageScheme must be set to clear.