System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

NIS-to-LDAP Troubleshooting

This section covers two areas of troubleshooting:

Common LDAP Error Messages

Sometimes the N2L server logs errors that relate to internal LDAP problems, resulting in LDAP-related error messages. Although the errors are nonfatal, they indicate problems to investigate. For example, the N2L server might continue to operate, but provide out-of-date or incomplete results.

The following list includes some of the common LDAP error messages that you might encounter when implementing the N2L service. Error descriptions, and possible causes and solutions for the errors, are included.

Administrative limit exceeded

Invalid DN Syntax

Object class violation

Can't contact LDAP server


NIS-to-LDAP Issues

The following problems could occur while running the N2L server. Possible causes and solutions are provided.

Debugging the NISLDAPmapping File

The mapping file, NISLDAPmapping, is complex. Many potential errors might cause the mapping to behave in unexpected ways. Use the following techniques to resolve such problems.

Console Message Displays When ypserv -ir (or -Ir) Runs

NIS Daemon Exits at Startup

Unexpected Results From NIS Operations

Processing Order of NIS Maps

Note –

Mapping in such a way that all of an object's MUST attributes cannot be created from at least one map is not supported.

N2L Server Timeout Issue

N2L Lock File Issue

N2L Deadlock Issue