System Administration Guide: Naming and Directory Services (DNS, NIS, and LDAP)

Creating Attributes and Object Classes

Depending on how you configure the NIS+/LDAP mapping, you might need to create a number of new LDAP attributes and object classes. The examples show how to do this by specifying LDIF data that can be used as input to the ldapadd command. Create a file containing the LDIF data, and then invoke ldapadd(1).

# ldapadd -D bind-DN -f ldif -file

This method works with Sun Java System Directory Server, and might work with other LDAP servers as well.

Note –

Except for the defaultSearchBase, preferredServerList, and authenticationMethod attributes, as well as the SYNTAX specifications, the object identifiers (OIDs) used in this chapter are intended for illustration only. As no official OIDs have been assigned, you are free to use any suitable OIDs.