System Administration Guide: Security Services

Dial-Up Logins

When a computer can be accessed through a modem or a dial-up port, you can add an extra layer of security. You can require a dial-up password for users who access a system through a modem or dial-up port. The dial-up password is an additional password that a user must supply before being granted access to the system.

Only superuser or a role of equivalent capabilities can create or change a dial-up password. To ensure the integrity of the system, the password should be changed about once a month. The most effective use of this feature is to require a dial-up password to gain access to a gateway system. To set up dial-up passwords, see How to Create a Dial-Up Password.

Two files are involved in creating a dial-up password, /etc/dialups and /etc/d_passwd. The dialups file contains a list of ports that require a dial-up password. The d_passwd file contains a list of shell programs that require an encrypted password as the additional dial-up password. The information in these two files is processed as follows: