System Administration Guide: Security Services

ProcedureHow to Deallocate a Device

Deallocation enables other users to allocate and use the device when you are finished.

Before You Begin

You must have allocated the device.

  1. If the device is mounted, unmount the device.

    $ cd $HOME
    $ umount mount-point
  2. Deallocate the device.

    $ deallocate device-name

Example 4–12 Deallocating a Microphone

In this example, the user jdoe deallocates the microphone, audio.

% whoami
% deallocate audio

Example 4–13 Deallocating a CD-ROM Drive

In this example, the Device Allocator role deallocates a CD-ROM drive. After the message is printed, the CD-ROM is ejected.

$ whoami
$ cd /home/devicealloc
$ umount /home/devicealloc/mymnt
$ ls /home/devicealloc/mymnt
$ deallocate sr0
/dev/sr0:      326o
/dev/rsr0:     326o
sr_clean: Media in sr0 is ready.  Please, label and store safely.