System Administration Guide: Security Services

ProcedureHow to View the List of Kerberos Principals

An example of the command-line equivalent follows this procedure.

  1. If necessary, start the SEAM Tool.

    See How to Start the SEAM Tool for more information.

    $ /usr/sbin/gkadmin
  2. Click the Principals tab.

    The list of principals is displayed.

    Dialog box titled Seam Administration Tool shows a list
of principals and a list filter. Shows Modify, Create New, Delete, and Duplicate
  3. Display a specific principal or a sublist of principals.

    Type a filter string in the Filter field, and press Return. If the filter succeeds, the list of principals that match the filter is displayed.

    The filter string must consist of one or more characters. Because the filter mechanism is case sensitive, you need to use the appropriate uppercase and lowercase letters for the filter. For example, if you type the filter string ge, the filter mechanism displays only the principals with the ge string in them (for example, george or edge).

    If you want to display the entire list of principals, click Clear Filter.

Example 25–1 Viewing the List of Kerberos Principals (Command Line)

In the following example, the list_principals command of kadmin is used to list all the principals that match kadmin*. Wildcards can be used with the list_principals command.

kadmin: list_principals kadmin*
kadmin: quit