System Administration Guide: Security Services

ProcedureHow to Delete a Kerberos Principal

An example of the command-line equivalent follows this procedure.

  1. If necessary, start the SEAM Tool.

    See How to Start the SEAM Tool for more information.

    $ /usr/sbin/gkadmin
  2. Click the Principals tab.

  3. Select the principal in the list that you want to delete, then click Delete.

    After you confirm the deletion, the principal is deleted.

  4. Remove the principal from the Kerberos access control list (ACL) file, /etc/krb5/kadm5.acl.

    See How to Modify the Kerberos Administration Privileges for more details.

Example 25–7 Deleting a Kerberos Principal (Command Line)

In the following example, the delete_principal command of kadmin is used to delete the jdb principal.

kadmin: delete_principal pak
Are you sure you want to delete the principal "pak@EXAMPLE.COM"? (yes/no): yes
Principal "pak@EXAMPLE.COM" deleted.
Make sure that you have removed this principal from all ACLs before reusing.
kadmin: quit