System Administration Guide: Security Services

Command-Line Equivalents of the SEAM Tool

This section lists the kadmin commands that provide the same capabilities as the SEAM Tool. These commands can be used without running an X Window system. Even though most procedures in this chapter use the SEAM Tool, many procedures also provide corresponding examples that use the command-line equivalents.

Table 25–1 Command-Line Equivalents of the SEAM Tool

SEAM Tool Procedure 

Equivalent kadmin Command

View the list of principals. 

list_principals or get_principals

View a principal's attributes. 


Create a new principal. 


Duplicate a principal. 

No command-line equivalent 

Modify a principal. 

modify_principal or change_password

Delete a principal. 


Set up defaults for creating new principals. 

No command-line equivalent 

View the list of policies. 

list_policies or get_policies

View a policy's attributes. 


Create a new policy. 


Duplicate a policy. 

No command-line equivalent 

Modify a policy. 


Delete a policy.