System Administration Guide: Security Services

ProcedureHow to View a Kerberos Policy's Attributes

An example of the command-line equivalent follows this procedure.

  1. If necessary, start the SEAM Tool.

    See How to Start the SEAM Tool for more information.

    $ /usr/sbin/gkadmin
  2. Click the Policies tab.

  3. Select the policy in the list that you want to view, then click Modify.

    The Policy Details panel is displayed.

  4. When you are finished viewing, click Cancel.

Example 25–10 Viewing a Kerberos Policy's Attributes

The following example shows the Policy Details panel when you are viewing the test policy.

Dialog box titled SEAM Administration Tool shows policy
details of the enguser policy. Shows Save, Previous, Done, and Cancel buttons

Example 25–11 Viewing a Kerberos Policy's Attributes (Command Line)

In the following example, the get_policy command of kadmin is used to view the attributes of the enguser policy.

kadmin: get_policy enguser
Policy: enguser
Maximum password life: 2592000
Minimum password life: 0
Minimum password length: 8
Minimum number of password character classes: 2
Number of old keys kept: 3
Reference count: 0
kadmin: quit

The Reference count is the number of principals that use this policy.