System Administration Guide: Security Services

socket Token

The socket token contains information that describes an Internet socket. In some instances, the token has four fields:

The praudit command displays this instance of the socket token as follows:


In most instances, the token has eight fields:

Since the Solaris 8 release, the Internet address can be displayed in IPv4 format or IPv6 format. The IPv4 address uses 4 bytes. The IPv6 address uses 1 byte to describe the address type, and 16 bytes to describe the address.

The praudit command displays the socket token as follows:


The praudit -x command shows the fields of the socket token. The line is wrapped for display purposes.

<socket sock_domain="0x0002" sock_type="0x0002" lport="0x83cf" 
laddr="example1" fport="0x2383" faddr="server1.Subdomain.Domain.COM"/>