System Administration Guide: Security Services

ProcedureHow to Collect ASET Reports on a Server

  1. Assume the Primary Administrator role, or become superuser.

    The Primary Administrator role includes the Primary Administrator profile. To create the role and assign the role to a user, see Chapter 2, Working With the Solaris Management Console (Tasks), in System Administration Guide: Basic Administration.

  2. Set up a directory on the server:

    1. Change to the /usr/aset directory.

      mars# cd /usr/aset
    2. Create a rptdir directory.

      mars# mkdir rptdir
    3. Change to the rptdir directory, and create a client_rpt directory.

      This step creates a client_rpt subdirectory for a client. Repeat this step for each client whose reports you need to collect.

      mars# cd rptdir
      mars# mkdir client_rpt

      In the following example, the directory all_reports, and the subdirectories pluto_rpt and neptune_rpt are created.

      mars# cd /usr/aset
      mars# mkdir all_reports
      mars# cd all_reports
      mars# mkdir pluto_rpt
      mars# mkdir neptune_rpt
  3. Add the client_rpt directories to the /etc/dfs/dfstab file.

    The directories should have read and write options.

    For example, the following entries in the dfstab file are shared with read and write permissions.

    share -F nfs -o rw=pluto /usr/aset/all_reports/pluto_rpt
    share -F nfs -o rw=neptune /usr/aset/all_reports/neptune_rpt
  4. Make the resources in the dfstab file available to the clients.

    # shareall
  5. On each client, mount the client subdirectory from the server at the mount point, /usr/aset/masters/reports.

    # mount server:/usr/aset/client_rpt /usr/aset/masters/reports
  6. Edit the /etc/vfstab file to mount the directory automatically at boot time.

    The following sample entry in /etc/vfstab on neptune lists the directory to be mounted from mars, /usr/aset/all_reports/neptune_rpt, and the mount point on neptune, /usr/aset/reports. At boot time, the directories that are listed in vfstab are automatically mounted.

    mars:/usr/aset/all_reports/neptune.rpt /usr/aset/reports nfs - yes hard