System Administration Guide: Security Services

audit_warn Script

The /etc/security/audit_warn script notifies an email alias when the auditd daemon encounters an unusual condition while writing audit records. You can customize this script for your site to warn of conditions that might require manual intervention. Or, you could specify how to handle those conditions automatically. For all error conditions, the audit_warn script writes a message to syslog with the severity of daemon.alert. You can use syslog.conf to configure console display of syslog messages. The audit_warn script also sends a message to the audit_warn email alias. You set up this alias as part of audit configuration.

When the auditd daemon detects the following conditions, the daemon invokes the audit_warn script. The script sends email to the audit_warn alias.

If the perzone audit policy is set, the non-global zone's instance of auditd calls the zone's audit_warn script. For further information, see the audit_warn(1M) man page.