System Administration Guide: Security Services

Solaris Auditing (Task Map)

The following task map points to the major tasks that are required to manage auditing. The tasks are ordered.



For Instructions 

1. Plan for auditing 

Contains configuration issues to decide before you configure the audit service. 

Planning Solaris Auditing (Task Map)

2. Configure audit files 

Defines which events, classes, and users require auditing. 

Configuring Audit Files (Task Map)

3. Configure and enable auditing 

Configures each host for disk space and other audit service requirements. Then, starts the audit service. 

Configuring and Enabling the Audit Service (Task Map)

On a host that has installed non-global zones, configure one audit service for the system, or one audit service per zone. 

Configuring the Audit Service in Zones (Tasks)

4. Manage audit records 

Collects and analyzes the audit data. 

Managing Audit Records (Task Map)