System Administration Guide: Security Services

BART Report

The report tool has three inputs: the two manifests to be compared and an optional user-provided rules file that indicates which discrepancies are to be flagged.

You use the bart compare command to compare two manifests, a control manifest and a test manifest. These manifests must be prepared with the same file systems, options, and rules file that you use with the bart create command.

The output of the bart compare command is a report that lists per-file discrepancies between the two manifests. A discrepancy is a change to any attribute for a given file that is cataloged for both manifests. Additions or deletions of file entries between the two manifests are also considered discrepancies.

There are two levels of control when reporting discrepancies:

These levels of control are intentional, since generating a manifest is more costly than reporting discrepancies between two manifests. Once you have created manifests, you have the ability to compare manifests from different perspectives by running the bart compare command with different rules files.

For more information about BART reports, see BART Reporting.