System Administration Guide: Security Services

Using the Sun Security Toolkit

While ASET can be used to make a small number of security changes to a system, the Sun Security Toolkit provides a flexible and extensible mechanism to minimize, harden, and secure a Solaris system. The Sun Security Toolkit, informally known as the JASS toolkit, is a tool that enables the user to perform security modifications to a system. The tool can provide a report on the security status of a system. The tool also has the ability to undo previous runs of the tool. The JASS toolkit can be downloaded from the Sun web site, The web site contains pointers to online documentation.

The toolkit is described in detail in Securing Systems with the Solaris Security Toolkit, by Alex Noordergraaf and Glenn Brunette, ISBN 0-13-141071-7, June 2003. The book is part of the Sun BluePrints Series, which is published by Sun Microsystems Press.