System Administration Guide: Security Services

Kerberos Encryption Types

An encryption type is an identifier that specifies the encryption algorithm, encryption mode, and hash algorithms used in the Kerberos service. The keys in the Kerberos service have an associated encryption type to identify the cryptographic algorithm and mode to be used when the service performs cryptographic operations with the key. Here are the supported encryption types:

Note –

In releases prior to Solaris 10 8/07 release, the aes256-cts-hmac-sha1-96 encryption type can be used with the Kerberos service if the unbundled Strong Cryptographic packages are installed.

If you want to change the encryption type, you should do so when creating a new principal database. Because of the interaction between the KDC, the server, and the client, changing the encryption type on an existing database is difficult. Leave these parameters unset unless you are re-creating the database. Refer to Using Kerberos Encryption Types for more information.

Note –

If you have a master KDC installed that is not running the Solaris 10 release, the slave KDCs must be upgraded to the Solaris 10 release before you upgrade the master KDC. A Solaris 10 master KDC will use the new encryption types, which an older slave will not be able to handle.