System Administration Guide: Security Services

Profile Shell in RBAC

Roles can run privileged applications from the Solaris Management Console launcher or from a profile shell. A profile shell is a special shell that recognizes the security attributes that are included in a rights profile. Profile shells are launched when the user runs the su command to assume a role. The profile shells are pfsh, pfcsh, and pfksh. The shells correspond to Bourne shell (sh), C shell (csh), and Korn shell (ksh), respectively. Many shells have a profile shell counterpart. For example, the profile shell counterparts to the Bourne shell (sh), C shell (csh), and Korn shell (ksh) are the pfsh, pfcsh, and pfksh shells, respectively. For the list of profile shells, see the pfexec(1) man page.

Users who have been directly assigned a rights profile must invoke a profile shell to run the commands with security attributes. For usability and security considerations, see Security Considerations When Directly Assigning Security Attributes.

All commands that are executed in a profile shell can be audited. For more information, see How to Audit Roles.