System Administration Guide: Security Services

Printer Management Rights Profile

Printer Management is a typical rights profile that is intended for a specific task area. This profile includes authorizations and commands. The following table shows a partial list of commands.

Table 10–4 Contents of Printer Management Rights Profile



To manage printers, daemons, and spooling 

Authorizations: solaris.print.*, solaris.label.print, solaris.admin.printer.delete, solaris.admin.printer.modify,, solaris.smf.manage.discovery.printers.*, solaris.smf.value.discovery.printers.*

Commands: /usr/lib/lp/local/lpadmin:uid=lp;gid =lp, /usr/sbin/lpfilter:euid=lp;uid=lp, /usr/sbin/lpforms:euid=lp, /usr/sbin/lpusers:euid=lp, /usr/sbin/ppdmgr:euid=0

Help File: RtPrntMngmnt.html