System Administration Guide: Security Services

System Administrator Rights Profile

The System Administrator rights profile is intended for the System Administrator role. Because the System Administrator does not have the broad capabilities of the Primary Administrator, no wildcards are used. Instead, this profile is a set of discrete, supplementary administrative rights profiles that do not deal with security. The commands with security attributes from one of the supplementary rights profiles are shown.

Note that the All rights profile is assigned at the end of the list of supplementary rights profiles.

Table 10–2 Contents of System Administrator Rights Profile



To perform most nonsecurity administrative tasks 

Supplementary rights profiles: Audit Review, Printer Management, Cron Management, Device Management, File System Management, Mail Management, Maintenance and Repair, Media Backup, Media Restore, Name Service Management, Network Management, Object Access Management, Process Management, Software Installation, Project Management, User Management, All

Help File: RtSysAdmin.html

Commands from one of the supplementary profiles 

Object Access Management rights profile, solaris policy: /usr/bin/chgrp:privs=file_chown, /usr/bin/chmod:privs=file_chown, /usr/bin/chown:privs=file_chown, /usr/bin/setfacl:privs=file_chown

suser policy: /usr/bin/chgrp:euid=0, /usr/bin/chmod:euid=0, /usr/bin/chown:euid=0, /usr/bin/getfacl:euid=0, /usr/bin/setfacl:euid=0